Story about vanlife lovers


father Igor

I've been caravanning for over 40 years and I've brought my kids to do it too. My first converted van was an old Avia. Later we had a big Merceds camper, but that was too big and impractical. I didn't have much fun with it. 

Rebuilding is a hobby of mine, I'm always speculating on different gadgets for RVs. We now have 4 vans that we have all rebuilt by ourselves. When we rebuilt caravans I'm mainly in charge of measuring, cutting, installing water, gas, wiring for electrics and all the technical stuff. 

In addition to remodeling vans, I am also involved in the production of electrode kettles. I spend a lot of time in the garage speculating on various gadgets for the cars and the house. 

Daughter Bronia

My father brought me to vanlife when I was a child. On the first trip we went to Liptovská Mara on a converted Avia. 

Then came the VW2, whit which we traveled around France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Russia, Poland,...

When I'm rebuilt a caravan, I'm making furniture out of wood and putting together the whole design of the car and picking out the accessories. I take care of running the website, booking and communication with you 🙂

Besides that I love sports and I'm mainly into snowboarding, splitboarding, climbing, touring, surfing.

I love winter and snowboarding so I spent the last 7 winter - years in the Alps and then two winters in Morocco in a van. In the summer I stay at home and do rebuilding, renting and when I have free time I do sports 🙂


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