Camper rental
VW Transporter - VW3


Type:VW Transporter T5 1.9 TDI, 2011
Capacity:2 - 3 persons
Driving licence:B
Vignette2024 Slovakia, Austria
Insurance:Third part liability insurance 

Minimum rent period:

June - September 7 days
October - May 4 days

Camper equipment

  • Two burner gas cooker, 2l gas bomb
  • Sink with running water, shower
  • Refrigerator with freezer
  • Bed size 2m x 1.6m (length x width)
  • Roof window
  • Storage space inside the car and on the roof in the form of a box
  • Solar panel, two extra car batteries, USB plugs, 220V plug, LED lights
  • Water tank 90 l
  • DOMETIC air conditioning also for 230V in the campsite 
  • Independent diesel heating
  • Towing device
  • Camping equipment (table and 2 chairs)
  • Rack for three bicycles (to be reported in advance)

About the camper

VW Transporter T5 long version is converted into a camper van, caravan suitable for 2 - 3 persons, or parents with a child. 

Radio on CD, without navigation. Manual 5-speed gearbox.

DOMETIC air conditioning - cools both while driving and while staying at the campsite, when the car is connected to 230V. 

Caravan is equipped with a fully furnished Kitchen with gas cooker, sink with running water and refrigerator s freezer. In the caravan there is also an outdoor Shower. Bed is big 2m x 1.6m.Water tank is filled with usable water with a volume of 90l.  Storage space is inside the car and on the roof in the form of a box. In the camper is air conditioning and independent diesel heating.

Children's seat can be attached with seat belts in the car (not ISOFIX). When a child seat is fitted, the seating space for the passenger is slightly restricted.

There is three bike racks included. Please let us know in advance so we can get it up.

Camping kit is also part of the caravan equipment. 

What take with you?

  • Sheet, duvet or sleeping bag, towel
  • Food adequately, there is always place where you can buy everything 🙂
  • Drinking water in bottles, there is a 90 litre tank for washing and cooking

Kitchen equipment

  • gas cooker (2l bomb) with two hotplates
  • sink with running water
  • fridge with freezer
  • forks, tablespoons, teaspoons, knives, sharp knives, ladle, potato peeler, cheese grater, wine and beer opener
  • 3 coffee or tea mugs, 4 water glasses
  • large and small pot, 4 muesli bowls, 4 plates, pasta strainer, pan
  • salt, pepper, tea, sugar
  • Dish sponge, wet wipe cloth, 2 dry wipes, eco liquid for dishwashing , dish drainer 

Electricity - offgrid

In the caravan are two extra car batteriesthat are recharged by solar panel or while the vehicle is running. The two batteries run all the electricity for the living area of the van. When the voltage converter (1000W) is switched on you can use 230V socket. The 2 USB ports you can use anytime.. You can easily charge here laptop, camera, drone, portable speaker or phone. A hairdryer or kettle won't pull it though / blows the fuses. The whole interior of the car is illuminated with LED floodlights. 

If you decide to go to the camping place, there is a possibility of connecting to external source of electricity. When the car is connected to the electricity from outside, you can switch on the air conditioning, which cools the car even without the engine running. 


In the camper is a 90 litre tank with utility water. We know from experience that in normal use (cooking, washing, showering) lasts about 4-5 days. This tank is also connected to the external shower when you open the trunk door of the car. Water is coldor has an air temperature. We only ever pump drinking water into our cars, but as it is in the car for longer periods of time, we recommend it for cooking or boiled for coffee and tea. We recommend that you always take drinking water with you in bottles. The waste water flows into a waste tank, which must be emptied continuously during the trip. 

When the water runs out, there is a water hose in the storage compartment on the roof. Use the water hose to pump the water directly into the main tank. You can find a source of water in the campsite, in the cemetery or in the mountain environment (Tatras, Alps) there are many small streams. 

Extra equipment

There is always a spare 2 l gas cylinder. If the one in the kitchen runs out, you can replace it. We also include an attachment (single plate) that you can use for cooking outdoors. Water hose, vwindscreens for front windows, camping equipment - two chairs and a table, a water bottle, silver sun protection film for side windows and front window. Of course there is also mandatory caravan equipment - first aid kit, triangle, reflective vests, fire extinguisher. As first aid for caravan we added en-tape, duct tape, a set of wrenches, a wrench. In case of interest it is possible to install bike rack for 3 bikes mounted on the trunk of the car. VW transporter prenájom